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What is the Connect365 Hub?

The Connect365 Wellness Communication Hub is a resource center providing your organization with turnkey health and wellbeing communications designed to help you more effectively inspire healthy living.  

The hub is available exclusively to Aramark partners as part of our Be Well. Do Well. commitment to healthy people and a healthy planet.

Connect 365 communications resources are powered by our extensive and continuously growing library of content from our Feed Your Potential consumer health engagement campaign. 

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How can the Connect365 Hub help my organization?

The Connect365 Wellness Communication Hub provides your organization with health and wellbeing information, ideas and inspiration from Aramark chefs, dietitians and other experts—pre-packaged so that your health communicators can easily post the most relevant and valuable food, nutrition and healthy living content through your internal communications channels.

Connect365 communications resources are ready for your organization to post in your e-newsletters and other wellbeing communications.  They are designed to provide an additional element to enrich your existing wellbeing communications—fitting seamlessly into your ongoing health communications plans.

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What topics do Connect365 communications address?

Connect365 wellness communications provide nutrition news you can use from Aramark dietitians, healthy cooking tips and tricks from Aramark chefs, easy to prepare at-home recipes, and a broad range of healthy lifestyle ideas from our own experts, as well as from the experts at organizations we collaborate with to empower healthier living.

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What insights led to the creation of the Connect365 Hub?

The Connect365 Hub was developed based on extensive consumer insights highlighting that people crave food, nutrition and general wellbeing information that can help them live healthier and more fulfilling lives. Recent consumer research shows that:

  • 63 percent of consumers go out of their way to learn about nutrition and its impact on health
  • 66 percent are interested in learning about the role food/nutrients play in their immune health
  • There has been more than a 100 percent increase in people following podcasts, blogs and Instagram for food information
  • 86% of consumers describe themselves as foodies or food enthusiasts—e.g., food gets me excited

Connect365 communications provide what consumers are looking for.

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Why are Connect365 communications a valuable addition to your existing program?

Dietitian/Nutritionists and Chefs are among the most trusted sources for food and nutrition related information.  Through the Connect365 Wellnss Communication Hub, your organization has access to informative and inspiring communications from the very experts that people trust and turn to most for insights and ideas.

Since Aramark has hundreds of chefs and dietitians, we are able to bring their experience and expertise to your organization to support your health and wellbeing goals.

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What is the goal of Connect365 wellness communications?

The ultimate goal of health and wellbeing communications is to motivate and excite your audience to act—to try something new, to learn something that inspires change, to hear about a healthy living idea that opens them up to bringing healthier habits into their life.

Connect365 wellness communications are built to do more than inform, they are designed to motivate and engage. They provide practical ideas that can immediately make a difference, and that can keep making a difference throughout the year with interesting and varied wellness education and engagement content throughout the year.

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How does my organization use the Connect365 Hub?

The Connect365 hub gives your organization a turnkey resource that makes health and wellbeing communication as easy as 1-2-3 (1. Copy—2. Paste—3. Post).

All Connect365 Communications are pre-packaged so they’re easy to post in a way that fits seamlessly into your existing wellness newsletters. Each consists of a simple 1-2 sentence ‘e-newsletter caption’ linked to short articles or 5-minute podcasts—with easy access to more in-depth information and resources.

Connect365 wellness communications are intended to be received by individuals within your organization or institution that would normally be receiving health and wellbeing related communications.

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Who has access to Connect365?

The Connect365 Wellness Communication Hub is available exclusively to Aramark partners.

Hub use is limited to a select group of Health & Wellness thought leaders for an initial introductory pilot period.

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Are there any limitations to how Connect365 hub resources can be used?

Connect365 Wellness Communication Hub resources may be used to reach your audience within your organization or institution (e.g. your organizations employees, students/parents) but are not for use for external marketing or external communications beyond your internal audience.

Passwords assigned to your organization may not be shared outside of your organization. Images, photographs and other visual assets in the Connect365 Wellness Communication Hub and FYP365 website are owned or licensed for use by Aramark and may not be copied or replicated. Connect365 hub resources are for use by Aramark approved partners for communications to those directly affiliated with your organization or institution. Hub resources are not for use for messaging to the general public as part of communications primarily targeted to those not directly affiliated with your organization or institution.