About Feed Your Potential 365

Every day, we wake up with a purpose.

Whether we are students studying for an exam, professionals preparing for a big presentation or patients recovering from surgery, our eating habits directly impact the energy and focus needed to reach our every day goals.

Discovering and choosing the right food propels us forward, helps us succeed and keeps us healthy.

Let’s have fun connecting what we eat with what we need to accomplish today and forever.

Discover what healthy food can do for you. Join us to unleash the potential of a healthy America.

About Feed Your Potential 365 Clubs

Feed Your Potential 365 Clubs engage families in underserved communities in healthy food discovery and cooking experiences. Through food tastings, cooking classes, grocery store field trips, and health and well-being workshops, participants at community centers nationwide build the knowledge, skills and confidence to improve their health and the health of their family.

About Healthy for Life
20 by 20

As part of our Healthy for Life® initiative, we are proud to be working with the American Heart Association to improve the health of Americans 20% by 2020 through healthy menu innovation, consumer and employee awareness & education and community based programs.

About Aramark

We focus on enriching and nourishing the lives of millions all over the world, providing a wide range of services—food, facilities and uniforms. We serve world champion sports teams, Fortune 500 companies, state-of-the-art healthcare providers and the world’s leading educational institutions. And every day, we dream of ways to do it better through our commitment to innovation and our passion for excellent customer service.

Feed your potential 365 days a year